Maruti Suzuki Royal Platinum Dealer

Awards & Milestone


Year 2016-2017
Awarded Royal Platinum Band
CBH Award
Transformation Award for Highest Growth in RDSE Sales
Award for Highest Exchange Sales Volume
Sales in IFFCO Segment N1A & N1B
Top Performer in Highly Accessorized Car Penetration
Highest MGA/Service Load workshop in North 1 A
Highest Service Load
Highest age Certified Manpower
Highest Rural Sales Growth N1A & N1B
Highest TV Sales Volume
Year 2015-2016
Awarded Gold Band
Year 2014-2015
Awarded Platinum Band
Year 2012-2013
Awarded Platinum Band
Year 2011-12
Awarded Platinum Band
Year 2010-11
Awarded Platinum Band
Year 2009-10
Awarded Platinum Band
Year 2007-2008
Consistent Growth in Corporate (IInd runner-up- Delhi)
Consistent Growth in Fleet Sales(Ist runner-up- Delhi)
Best CSI (IInd runner-up- Noida)
Top Ten Dealers in MGP(Rohan Group)
Consistency in Advertising (Rohan Group)
Most Innovative Marketing event(Rohan Group)
Excellence in Marketing(Most Consistent lead Management) (1st runner-up-Delhi)
Excellence in Spare parts(1st Prize-Delhi)
Excellent in Sales(1st Prize-Delhi)
Highest Growth in top 20 dealers(1st Prize-Delhi)
Consistent Growth in CSI(Monument-Delhi)
Best in Advertising(Monument-Delhi)
Year 2004-2005
Highest Trained Manpower – Major City : Noida
Dealer Spares Off-take
Highest Growth in MGA Off-take over Last Year
Year 2003-2004
All India Star in Spares Off-take Award (Category “B” )
New Dealer Showroom – Runner-up Award (Category “A”)
Best Body Repair Workshop Award – (Metro Cities) – Noida Branch
Best Performance (Zen, Wagon-R & Alto) Runner-Up Award (Category “B”)
Best Performance (Esteem, Baleno & Versa) Runner-Up Award (Category “B”)
CSI Award for Good Performance – Noida Branch
Year 2002-2003
All India Skill Competition Award – National winner – Noida Branch.
Best New Workshop Award - Greater Noida Branch.
Best Performance (CSI) Award – Noida Branch.
Best Body Repair Workshop Award (Metro Cities) – Noida Branch
All India Highest Spares Off-take Award (Category “ B” )
Lifetime Achievement Award - Awarded to Sr. Vice President
Year 2001-2002
Young Entrepreneur of the year 2001-2002 Award – Awarded to Director
Excellent in Spares Award (CAT: All India Star)
Best showroom Award (RNR UP CAT “A”) – Noida Branch
Year 2000-2001
Best performance in SSI – Dehradun Branch
Best Accidental Repair Workshop – Noida Branch
Overall best performance in Spare Parts
Year 1999-2000
Platinum Award for Service Excellence – Noida Branch
Highest Customer Satisfaction Sales – Dehradun Branch
Consistent and Innovative Sales Promotion (Category “B”) – Dehradun Branch
Second Highest Off-take of Spares Award (Category “B” Cities)
Year 1998-99
Platinum Award for Service Excellence (Category “A”) – Noida Branch
Award for focus on Sales of All Models
Second Highest Off-take of Spares Award (Category “B” Cities)


1 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Ghaziabad 1988 Sales, Service  & Spares
2 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Dehradun 1994 Sales, Service  & Spares
3 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Noida 1995 Sales, Service, Bodyshop, Spares & True Value
4 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Greater Noida 2003 Sales, Service, Bodyshop, Spares & True Value
5 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Delhi 2003 Sales
6 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Delhi 2004 Service, Bodyshop & Spares
7 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Dehradun 2008 True Value, Service & Bodyshop
8 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Palwal 2009 Sales, Service  & Spares
9 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Bulandshahr 2009 Sales, Service  & Spares
10 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Morta, Ghaziabad 2009 Bodyshop & True Value
11 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Gopeshwar, Uttrakhand 2010 Sales, Service  & Spares
12 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Gurgaon, Haryana 2010 Sales, Service, Spares & True Value
13 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Hodal, Haryana 2011 Sales, Service  & Spares
14 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Hapur, Uttar Pradesh 2011 Sales, Service  & Spares
15 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Rudrapryag, Uttrakhand 2012 Sales, Service  & Spares
16 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Chhatarpur, Delh 2012 Sales
17 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Noida 2015 Nexa Showroom
18 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Dehradun 2016 Nexa Showroom
19 Rohan Motors Ltd. - Greater Noida 2018 Nexa Showroom

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