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Buyer's Faq's

What criteria does a car meet to be sold under True Value?

Car sold under the scheme

  • Is an original Maruti Suzuki make
  • Is not over 7 years old
  • Is not driven for more than 1 lakh kms
  • Is Non accidental
  • Does not have had more than 2 previous owners

What parts are covered in the warranty?

According to the warranty policy that is given with owners manual, all mechanical and electrical parts are covered for warranty excluding

  • Parts subject to common wear and tear,
  • Parts damaged by ageing,
  • Consumables such as oil, filters, spark plugs, C.B. points, fuses, bulbs, paint issues, A/C gas leak, battery, tyres, rubber and plastic items.

For more information on this, you may refer to owners manual

How soon can a car be transferred to my name?

Rohan Motors takes care of all the formalities and submits the required documents to RTO for the transfer. The car is transferred in your name as soon as RTO process gets completed.

What is the time period to avail complimentary (free of charge) services?

When you buy a Maruti Suzuki "True Value" certified car, you are entitled to 3 complimentary (free of charge) inspection services at Rohan Motors workshops.

These services are offered at the following intervals or at kilometres run, as the case may be

  • 1st free of charge inspection service:
    Within 45 - 60 days or after covering 1000 - 1500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of car delivery) - whichever comes earlier.
  • 2nd free of charge inspection service:
    Within 90 to 120 days or after covering 5000 - 5500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of car delivery) - whichever comes earlier.
  • 3rd free of charge inspection service:
    Within 210 to 240 days or after covering 10,000 - 10,500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of car delivery) - whichever comes earlier.

Is there a financing facility on True Value cars?

We do have finance options for True Value. To know more about these, feel free to walk into any of our True Value outlets.

What warranty do I get on True Value cars?

The warranty is available in 2 categories follows:

Warranty Category Vehicle Age Kilometres covered Warranty coverage
Premium True Value Up to 4 years old Up to 1 lakh kilometres 1 Year from date of sale or 15000 km whichever is earlier
Standard True Value 4 years to 7 years old Up to 1 lakh kilometres 6 Months from date of sale or 7500 km whichever is earlier

How do you check that the car was not drawn in any third party case?

We confirm the credentials of the selling party and also verify through the R.T.O before buying any car through True Value.

What documents do I get when I purchase a True Value vehicle?

  • You receive a certificate duly signed by an authorised Maruti Suzuki engineer.
  • You also get a warranty booklet signed by the Maruti Suzuki Engineer.
  • Registration is formally transferred in your name on completion of RTO transfer process.
  • Delivery & payment reciepts

What is implied by ‘Maruti certified cars’?

Certified cars come with an assurance of standard quality. Whenever a Maruti Suzuki engineer certifies a pre owned car, it carries a warranty of up to 1 year and three free of charge services. The car that you purchase through True Value passes detailed 120 point checks to ensure that it is fit as per Maruti Suzuki standards. The car is also revamped with authentic Maruti parts (MGP) and all work is done by Maruti Suzuki trained personnel in authorized workshops. We also authenticate the bona fides of each seller to ensure that you get a good vehicle.

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