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Buyer/Seller Guide

Plan to buy a pre owned car? Here are some tips to help you choose the most optimum vehicle for yourself:

  • Begin by checking the external body of the car. This is devised to make the car safe and attractive and to closely inspect the body, it’s important to consider multiple aspects. So check the bodyline, alignment and also for structural damage caused by minor accidents. In accidented vehicles the crumple zones that are created for passenger security get impacted.
  • Always check the car in daylight. In rainy weather, make sure that the car is dry and clean before checking each of the features.
  • Examine the car for rust marks. The bottom of windshield, door railings and car under body are special areas that must be checked for rust damage – these typically go unnoticed and later create problems for owners.
  • Look for sealant application on doors and fender aprons to examine the car for accidents.
  • Check the condition of paint - are there any bubbles or gloss, overflow, colour mis-match? Any anomaly could indicate that the car had an accident. In such a case you may also want to take out the weather strips & examine the car for welding spots.
  • Also look out for marks of oil, coolant & petrol leakage
  • See if there are any cracks, chip off, and deep scratches on the windshield. This is important for your safety so it is wise not to take any chances.
  • Check the structural condition and functioning of all headlights & taillights.
  • Check that all tyres are of same make including the spare one. If one or more tyre is older than the others, you might face problems later.

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