Maruti Suzuki Royal Platinum Dealer

Evaluation & Exchange

Maruti Suzuki leverages its proficiency and experience in automotive industry to make sure that deals in pre-owned car deals are fair and transparent. Being a part of this program, Rohan Motors works to strengthen its relationship with Maruti patrons and facilitates their sale and purchase of pre-owned cars.

Maruti True Value is based on a fair and efficient evaluation process which is characteristically not found in the unorganised market for pre-owned vehicles. The True Value system has been planned to ensure that car sellers get an appropriate price for their cars and are also paid on time. The monetary value of the car is judged on the spot and sellers obtain a deduction of equal amount (sale price) on price of a new Maruti Suzuki car.

All cars are evaluated through 120 quality checks and these include:

  • Initial qualification inspections
  • Road test inspections
  • After road test inspections
  • Exterior inspections i.e Accidental or other damages
  • Interior inspections
  • Dashboard checks
  • Underbody inspections

Sell, buy or exchange – with Maruti True Value systems at Rohan Motor centres, you are assured of fair and finest deals for pre-owned cars.

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