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Seller's FAQ's

How will you ensure that the entire process in really smooth and hassle free?

Once you make a decision to sell your car through Maruti True Value, our team ensures that all paper work is completed conveniently. Rohan Motors will help you to get the payment immediately and will also make sure that your car is sold to the right party. We verified the bona fides of next buyer of your car. It is our job to transfer the ownership to the buyer and you do not need to worry about any after-sale issues.

How quickly will I get my sales price payment?

The payment is made as soon as the bona fides of seller are verified and authenticated by the RTO.

Where will my car be evaluated?

You can come to any of Rohan Motors Maruti True Value centres and professionals trained and certified by Maruti Suzuki evaluate your car. The entire procedure takes roughly 30 minutes and price offer is then made on the spot.

Do you charge any commission or fee for the valuation or sale of my car through Maruti True Value?

NO – the complete evaluation process is totally free of charge. There is NO commission charged and there are NO middlemen at any of Rohan Motors centres.

Which cars are purchased through the True Value program?

Under True Value we buy Maruti Suzuki cars of any age and with any mileage. However if you want to exchange your current car with a Brand new Maruti Suzuki car of any make, we accept any brand.

How do you arrive at the True Value price of my car?

The True Value price of your car is calculated through a fair and transparent evaluation system that considers all the positive aspects of your car. We aim to offer you the best possible price in the market for your Maruti Suzuki vehicle. Maruti Suzuki engineers at Rohan Motors are committed to offer you a truly transparent and reliable evaluation system.

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